I promise to walk our entire district (all the way from Huffman to Girdwood) to hear about voter concerns. Regardless of voters’ political affiliations, I commit to listen with respect to their positions and to give them full consideration.


ECONOMY - Resource development is the backbone of our state’s economy, and we must ensure the decisions we make encourage industry to make long-term investments as well as giving Alaskans their fair share of profits. At the same time, we have to strive for economic diversification. Like any organization, we must always find efficiencies in our budget – but solving our budget crisis will require more innovation than we’ve seen to date. We have to bring new industries and jobs to our state while creating a stable income from those we’ve depended upon for so long. 


PUBLIC SAFETY – I support repeal and replace of SB 91.  Public Safety is at the foundation of our quality of life and, right now, Alaskans don’t feel safe in their communities. The legislature has essentially ignored the public’s request to repeal SB 91. While the intention of the legislation was good, it was rolled out at the wrong time, during a fiscal and opioid crisis, and without proper funding for support programs. It must be repealed to restore public trust and, the parts of the law that work, and can be supported financially, can be reinstituted into law.

Read my column in the Anchorage Daily News here.


EDUCATION – We need to invest in education in the right way. Anchorage is looking at school closures and cutbacks in key programs. That means more kids in classrooms and less opportunities for teachers to have meaningful connections with our children – everyone can agree that those connections are critical to student success and safety. At the same time, while our University system has the opportunity to be an economic driver in our state, most of our kids travel outside to get the education they want. Our Universities should be places that draw not only Alaska’s kids but bright minds from all of the country. Through industry partnerships and innovative investment, we can get there.


HEALTHCARE – Alaskans need access to quality, affordable healthcare. I support protections on preexisting coverage and lifetime limits. We must work to bring down healthcare costs in Alaska through streamlining processes, focusing on well care and patient-centered health, and leveraging technologies such as telemedicine.