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Amber Lee has lived in Alaska for the past 25 years. Originally from Ohio, Amber has made her home in Anchorage, where she’s a successful business woman and doting mother of two.

She is the owner of a successful business consulting firm and, for the last 20 years of her professional career, has brought growth, through thoughtful innovation, to Alaska’s most essential industries – health care, natural resources, telecommunications, housing, and technology. She’s helped them not only to grow, but to thrive and drive positive change in their communities.

For decades, Amber has studied the impacts and influence of the political process on our Alaskan economy and way of life.  With the budget and societal challenges ahead of us, she is dedicated to do all she can to improve the process and outcomes.

Amber is a frequent volunteer at Bear Valley Elementary, a member of “100+ Women Who Care Anchorage”, and Anchorage South Rotary. 

She is the mother of two boys—Tristan and Finnegan. They spend many fun hours hiking, reading, playing board games, adventuring, and hanging out with their Saint Bernard, Walter Matthau.