Amber Lee for State House

Bringing focused, innovative leadership back to Juneau.

My name is Amber Lee, and I’m running for House District 28 in Anchorage, Alaska (Hillside to Girdwood). I'm a mom of two boys and a business owner. For the last 20 years, my professional career has been focused on bringing growth, through thoughtful innovation, to Alaska’s industries. It's that same innovation I want to bring to our State Capital as your elected Representative. 

I would appreciate your vote in November.

When I came to Alaska, more than 25 years ago, I found that this was a place where you could do anything you want if you work hard for it. Alaska allowed me to complete two college degrees, work my way up in leadership positions in some of the biggest companies in the state, start my own successful business, and raise two wonderful little boys who attend Bear Valley Elementary, one of the best schools in the nation. But I see hopelessness creeping into Alaska because of a lack of action being taken in Juneau. We all want the best schools, safe communities, and a thriving economy, and it's our Representatives' jobs to work together to find the best solutions for our state. I'm committed to doing the work to ensure that Alaska's best days are in our future, not just a story of past days that we share with future generations.