Amber Lee for State House

Thank You!

I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to the thousands of neighbors who stood on their doorstep to talk, answered the phone, invited me to forums, and asked good questions. Thank you to the volunteers who walked the neighborhood, cooked food, made phone calls, stuffed envelopes, held fundraisers, and provided tremendous encouragement. Thank you to the hundreds of people who gave generously to fund the campaign. I’m honored by the thousands who voted for me, and I’m thankful to Rep. Johnston for running a clean campaign.

While I did not win the seat, I’ve learned many important things, but two that I would like to share. First, every person I talked to (and there were thousands) wanted Alaska to be a wonderful place to live. We have different ideas about how to go about that, but we all have the same goal. If we focus on that goal, it can bring us closer together, and a close community is a strong community.

And finally, along the way, people asked why I decided to run. I did it because it terrified me. I knew it would be hard (especially for an introvert). I knew it would challenge me. I knew it was a long shot to run against an incumbent, but I put everything I had into it and got so much more back. Do the scary things, friends. These are the things that help us grow and bring us together.